These could be the best photos of Galaxy Z Flip before launch

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Very little is missing at the presentation of Galaxy Z Flip (to be held on 11 February ), the new Samsung fold , but if the renders and the hands-on video were not enough, here you will also find two beautiful high resolution photos ( and without that patina that leakers like so much).

The two photos (found in the gallery) show the device both open and closed , giving us a clear image of what awaits us. We do not find anything new: on the outside there is the small display next to the two cameras , the screen is very long ( 22: 9 ) and the hinge is very reminiscent of that of Galaxy Fold.

Also in this case there is no wrinkle in the center of the display , exactly like the first Samsung fold. We also hope that it does not go through the same issues as Fold. You like it?

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