Moto razr does not prove resistant: hinge problems after 27 thousand bends

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It was clear that as soon as Moto razr 2020 was released, there would be someone ready to put it in a special machine to test its resistance to  bending ; 24 hours from his debut was enough for the first test conducted by CNET colleagues .

A test failed miserably, since after  27 thousand bends  the machine  jammed due to a resistance from the smartphone. The opening and closing mechanism has in fact started to present a sort of stiffness midway.

This irregularity did not make the closure impossible, but simply more cumbersome, so as to cause the suspension of the test at 63 thousand folds from the finish. In comparison, the Samsung Galaxy Fold had achieved far more remarkable results .

It should be underlined, however, that the bot used for the operation was designed for the Fold and was adapted to the razr at a later time. Therefore, the test is not to be considered 100% reliable as long as there is no specific car for the characteristics of the Moto razr 2020. However, not a good start …

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